Hot water systems

with a new, efficient heat pump, solar or gas system.

Receive discounts when you replace your old hot water system

Want to swap to a new efficient water heater?

When you use hot water in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry, you’re not just paying for water. You’re also paying for the energy to heat it. Around 23% of the energy used in an average home is used to heat water, so it pays off to have an efficient hot water system in your home.


With REPS, the South Australian Government’s Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme, you may be eligible for a rebate on a solar, heat pump or gas hot water system and its installation. With a system from our REPS partners one of Trades Services SA or Ecovantage, you could save on replacing your old system with a new, efficient hot water service.

Hot Water

Contact our REPS partners for a non-obligation quote and eligibility assessment.





REPS hot water replacement eligibility includes:


  • Existing home or a new or existing multi-storey apartment building
  • Eligibility for our gas hot water system offer additionally applies to households that are not yet connected to a reticulated gas supply
  • Payment of a one-off REPS mandatory fee of $33 per site