AGL REES Case Study

REES Commercial Lighting Upgrade Solution

Hamilton Holden Somerton Park - Case Study


The Australian Government’s Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) is designed to incentivise South Australian residents and business owners to undertake energy efficient upgrades in their home or business to use less energy.


Hamilton Holden, Somerton Park is a large Holden dealership founded in 1987. They contacted AGL to have their existing lights upgraded with the aim to save on their energy bills. AGL engaged Trade Services SA to undertake the project.

Hamilton Holden REES Commercial Lighting Case Study

Estimated electricity cost savings per year


Project cost before REES rebate1:


Project cost after REES rebate:
$2,775 (REES rebate approx $6,806)


Electricity usage savings pa (approx)2:
18,714 kWh


Payback: About 0.33 years3


Installation date



Design and delivery

Trades Services SA


BCA building classification

Class 8 – Other

Project Scope

The lighting upgrade project involved upgrading lights throughout their entire store and office space:


  • Replacement of 214 x 36W T8 fluorescent tubes with 214 x 11W LED tubes.
  • Replacement of 6 x 58W1500mm fluorescent tubes with 5 x 16W LED tubes.
  • Replacement of 13 x 18W T8 fluorescent tubes with 13 x 6W LED tubes.
  • Replacement of 6 x 35W tungsten halogen with 6 x 6.5WLED downlights.
  • Replacement of 1 x 400W mercury-vapor h/bay with 1 x 135W LED high bay.
  • Replacement of 2 x 28W T5 fluorescent tubes with 2 x 14W LED tubes.
  • LUX measurements in each space to confirm minimumlighting standards.
  • All lights and fittings were removed from the site and recycled.

Also, 45 tubes and 4 downlights weren’t working and were replaced. These weren’t claimable under REES.


As the customer is considered a large energy user, REES requires that they contribute a minimum fee of $1.40/kWh saved. This REES fee of $1,260 is included in the project cost.


The project is expected to deliver an estimated 18,714 kWh in electricity usage savings annually2, equating to estimated annual savings of about $5,473.^,


The building now has improved lighting levels and a reduction in maintenance/replacement costs as the new LED lights have a full product and installation warranty of three years. The LED products installed have x1.8 life expectancy when compared to traditional linear fluorescent tubes, up to x2.5 when compared to legacy high bay lights and up to x18 when compared to traditional downlights.

All prices include GST.

1Includes costs such as installation, product costs, non-working lights and equipment hire.

2Savings based on the difference between Hamilton Holden’s previous and upgraded lighting products operating at an average of 3,000 hours annually.

3Estimated time for Hamilton Holden to save the project cost (after REES rebate) with respect to the electricity cost savings.

^Electricity cost savings: based on Hamilton Holden’s electricity usage savings multiplied by its electricity tariff at time of installation (30.77c/kWh).