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Commercial energy efficiency

We can help your business improve energy efficiency

and reduce electricity costs.

Upgrade old commercial lighting with REPS

Save on lighting and electricity costs through the South Australian Government’s Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS). Working with our REPS representative Trades Services SA, find out if your business is eligible for a free or reduced cost upgrade of commercial lighting to energy efficiency LEDs.


LED lights can use up to 75% less energy than traditional lighting*. Under REPS, your business could be eligible for upgrades to LED high-bay and downlights, helping you save on both replacement costs and ongoing electricity expenses.

REPS activities available to businesses

LED tube and downlight upgrade

Find out if your business is eligible for LED replacements for up to 360 downlights or fluorescent tubes.

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LED high-bay lighting upgrade

Find out if your business is eligible for LED replacements for up to 40 commercial high-bay lights.

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TSSA products are REPS accredited to give you peace of mind.



TSSA LED lighting products contain no mercury, gas or other hazardous materials.

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Why upgrade your commercial lighting?

LEDs are much more efficient than commercial incandescent or fluorescent lighting. To produce light, LEDs pass electrons through a semiconductor.


By comparison, an incandescent bulb passes current through a filament, while fluorescent lamps ionize mercury vapour in a glass tube.


Just 10% of energy consumed by a 50W halogen lamp will go into producing light. The remaining energy is lost as heat, which can also increase the ambient room temperature of workplaces.


An equivalent 7W LED has no filament, contains no mercury, gas or phosphor powder, and will produce far less heat*.

LED lighting benefits

Better for your business

  • Increase workplace safety – LEDs usually do not contain glass, reducing hazards in the workplace and the risk of injury if a breakage occurs#.
  • Get immediate, full-strength light – Most of the electricity used by an LED goes on to produce light, providing full-strength illumination from the moment they’re switched on.
  • Reduce replacement costs – LED lights last longer than standard globes and need replacing less frequently#. They are also recyclable, reducing waste disposal charges.

Better for the environment

  • Eliminate hazardous materials – Unlike other lighting options, LEDs don’t contain mercury, are free from harmful gasses, and don’t emit UV rays.
  • Combine with a solar solution – LEDs are compatible with a low-voltage electricity supply, allowing them to be hooked-up to solar for outdoor, remote or rural environments.
  • Help reduce carbon emissions – A 13W LED light produces 68% less carbon dioxide than a standard 40W incandescent bulb over a 10-hour day.

*See the NSW government’s energy saver lighting information about LED efficiency. See Residential & Commercial.

For more information on the South Australian Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS), please go to the Essential Services Commission of SA website